ScaleIO 1.3. Out and better than ever!

ScaleIO_BoxI love my job. No…really, I do. I like being able to bring game-changing technology to my customers in areas where I know it will absolutely be a perfect fit for them. With the release of ScaleIO 1.3 EMC Corporation has taken things to a whole new level in Software Defined Storage (SDS). What has been taken to a new level isn’t the features that you are familiar with in storage necessarily, but the features that you are familiar with in performance-based computing. Ok…here me out. Continue reading

Newest addition to the SunBaked Labs…

Screen-shot-2011-12-08-at-10.16.21-AMI have been in this business for a long time and during that time A LOT of hardware as come and gone through the office. Today is no exception as I begin welcoming the newest members to the SunBakedLab, a pair of Dell Poweredge T110‘s maxed out and a Seagate Blackarmor NAS 440.  These, along with VMware, will allow me to get even more systems up and running so I can bake even more solutions. Why did I go this route with these particular servers? Since you asked, I’ll tell you. Continue reading

Build a better Hadoop…

HAILThe title of this posting is a little misleading because I don’t really have anything against Hadoop. Actually, I love it. What the title SHOULD have said was “Build a better Hadoop Environment”. Those of us in the Data Analytics space know that Hadoop “just works” when configured properly. I have an idea. Let’s put Software Defined Storage under it, and make it run faster while consuming less data. Interested? Read on… Continue reading

Back to the future (ditch dangerous html email for plain text)

Full%20Email%20Headers%20-%20Pine%204I have a confession to make. I have been guilty of something that I used to avoid like the plague…I have been sending email in html format. Yes…It’s true. Please forgive me if I am one of the people responsible for clogging up your mailbox. I don’t know what came over me, but I notice that it happened when I started using the iPhone several years ago. What got my attention after all of these years? The 11MB email I sent yesterday to my manager. Continue reading

Under the covers with EMC’s ECS

emc_ecsIt’s been a few weeks now since the excitement of EMC World, and one of the most interesting things that was announced at EMC World was our new “Elastic Cloud Storage” platform, or ECS. This platform was designed with one thing in mind, bringing Cloud storage to the masses at a price that Google and Amazon can’t touch. So, let’s look under the covers at what makes ECS do what it does. In all of the years that I have been in IT, I don’t believe that I have seen a solution that is as flexible as this one really is, and I am not talking about the ECS platform itself. I’m talking about the software under the covers… Continue reading

EMC ViPR – One Year Later

EMC_ViPRIn this post we’ll see where EMC’s ViPR is, one year later including a deep-dive into ECS, and the ViPR / ScaleIO integration through the presentation given by the head of my division at EMC, Amitabh Srivastava, President of EMC’s Advanced Software Division. Forward thinking is how you can really solve business problems. Is hardware sometimes required? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. At EMC’s Advanced Software Division, we believe that anything is possible. Continue reading

ScaleIO Product Demonstrations

ScaleIOThere is a great scene in the movie “Days of Thunder” starring Tom Cruise in which they ask him how long he had been driving, and he tells them that he’s only seen it on ESPN…that you can learn a lot about something by watching it. Same thing goes with technology. Here are two great video demonstrations on EMC‘s Software Defined Storage product, ScaleIO. The first demonstration is short and gives a brief overview as well as some technical details. The second demonstration is one that was given at EMC World that gives a bit of a “real-world” feel to it and has some good graphics to help you understand what it taking place. Continue reading