Software-Defined Everything

Page CloudI saw an article recently on that suggested that while “Software-Defined” is an exciting trend that is gaining momentum, 2015 will not be the year of software-defined everything. I certainly can’t read the minds of the powers that be, but if what I see is any indication of things to come, 2015 will be a heck of a year for software-defined everything regardless of how much marketshare is taken from the hardware folks. Continue reading

Is Open Source Still Relevant?

open-source-logoThe other day I was in Toronto, Canada’s Pearson Airport after a long trip from Israel. I was enjoying a cold drink when I overheard a couple of guys talking tech. My ears perked up, because the words, Linux and Open Source were used in the same sentence. Cool…but then one guy said “Sure, but does Open Source really matter any more?” That got me thinking. Continue reading

Hyperconvergence (or Back to the Future, Part Deux)

NO3N2Getting in on the latest “thing” is always interesting, especially when you take some time and look back at old YouTube videos of presentations at various trade shows. That is when you can really see what was reality, and what was not. In the case of hyperconvergence we see that the idea of going back to the commodity platform and building a webscale infrastructure was not only dead-on, but it is drastically picking up steam at a break-neck pace in many environments that were formerly very traditional in their approach. Continue reading

The State of the Community…

communitygrants.197120436_stdFirst of all, before I get started I must apologize. It’s been a long time since I wrote. Things have been moving at lightning pace with ScaleIO and the world of Software Defined Storage that frankly, time just got past me. But as I start this first posting of 2015 I wanted to jump back about, oh…fifteen years, and look at the “Community” that was in many respects started by the Linux and Open Source movement, and how it as impacted so much of our day-to-day life both inside and outside of tech. Continue reading

ScaleIO 1.3. Out and better than ever!

ScaleIO_BoxI love my job. No…really, I do. I like being able to bring game-changing technology to my customers in areas where I know it will absolutely be a perfect fit for them. With the release of ScaleIO 1.3 EMC Corporation has taken things to a whole new level in Software Defined Storage (SDS). What has been taken to a new level isn’t the features that you are familiar with in storage necessarily, but the features that you are familiar with in performance-based computing. Ok…here me out. Continue reading

Newest addition to the SunBaked Labs…

Screen-shot-2011-12-08-at-10.16.21-AMI have been in this business for a long time and during that time A LOT of hardware as come and gone through the office. Today is no exception as I begin welcoming the newest members to the SunBakedLab, a pair of Dell Poweredge T110‘s maxed out and a Seagate Blackarmor NAS 440.  These, along with VMware, will allow me to get even more systems up and running so I can bake even more solutions. Why did I go this route with these particular servers? Since you asked, I’ll tell you. Continue reading

Build a better Hadoop…

HAILThe title of this posting is a little misleading because I don’t really have anything against Hadoop. Actually, I love it. What the title SHOULD have said was “Build a better Hadoop Environment”. Those of us in the Data Analytics space know that Hadoop “just works” when configured properly. I have an idea. Let’s put Software Defined Storage under it, and make it run faster while consuming less data. Interested? Read on… Continue reading